Music Video Performance


05.24.14 -The Vibe-

Hilltop Nights BannerIf you’re anything like myself you probably start summer early too, and judging from last weekend summer is here!

Continue the summertime party this Saturday with the fresh sounds of The Vibe at 1022. Enjoy hand crafted drinks on their fresh air patio.

The Vibe 10pm – 2am no cover

L.E.D. Dreaming

So I started pricing out LED billboards, and well it seems to average about $1000 per square meter of the resolution I was looking floor. But seriously the whole technology has blown up! LED curtains flexible panels it’s crazy! I found a used screen 10ft x 40ft for $22,000.00 it makes me want to write a grant to start a video art gallery just to get try n’ get my hands on this technology.

So I did a little research and I came across this. AdaFruit LED Wall kit. Seriously!?! I get to build my own composite wall of any dimension! Ok game on, I think…

Wurkin out the kinks

On My Mind: Just working out the depth and breath of online promotion… Seriously between working out tracks, updating posts and promoting events there isn’t much time left in the day.

2 Projects:
live transmition project found a program called Mixlr that should allow me to live transmit sets via my website. You can check to see if the party is bumpin’ before you put on yer dancing shoes.

Ableton Video Link As my sets grow on to sequenced platforms I am forced to explore new visual options. I rely primarily on Serato Video to produce my visual output. I am currently researching options linking video files to clips. Conte has this dope video showing his exploits and explorations.
Cheers all, hope to see you on my dance floor soon. -O